Day trip from Buenos Aires to Tigre

View of the river in Tigre, Buenos Aires

Are you looking for a relaxing get-away from Buenos Aires? Take a day trip to the Tigre Delta, and enjoy the slow-downed atmosphere with wooden boats on the river, beautiful old mansions by the river bay, and sunsets through treetops.

The Tigre Delta is located by the town of the same name, Tigre, in the Province of Buenos Aires, just North of the city of Buenos Aires.

Tigre can easily be reached by train from the city center, which makes it a perfect destination for relaxing a day trip from Buenos Aires.

Continue reading to know more about Tigre and why it is the perfect get-away from Buenos Aires!

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River side in Tigre, Buenos Aires province

A get-away from Buenos Aires

Even though, I love the vibrant cosmopolitan life of Buenos Aires. Sometimes, it just gets too much, and then it is good to have a little get-away to relax from the hustle and bustle of traffic and people everywhere at any time. Do you know that feeling?

Sometimes, it is just nice to get out and to get-away. Why not slow down and enjoy the quietness of a smaller village in beautiful surroundings?

Boat on a sunny day in Tigre Delta, Buenos Aires

The town of Tigre is located in a huge delta area just 35 km up north from the city center of Buenos Aires. It is a popular place for tourists and locals to take a break, and stress down.

Thus, there are many different things to do in Tigre. The rivers of the delta invite for all kinds of water sports and boat rides, and the town of Tigre offers different possibilities for shopping and eating out.

One of the biggest pluses is the Tigre is located within an hour away from the city center of Buenos Aires – by public transportation! That is a rare luxury in South America, so rather enjoy this one!

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Tigre from a boat, Buenos Aires

Activities in Tigre

The most popular and completely anti-stress activity is to take a boat ride. Apart from the peaceful speed of the boat through the water and the nature of the area, on the ride, you will be able to enjoy some of the beautiful houses and mansions building along the river.

On the dock located just a few meters from the train station, several different tour companies offer tours on the delta of a different amount of time. When I went with a friend of mine, we just opt for one of the shorter rides of a 1-hour ride in a small wooden boat with around 10 others.

Mansion in Tigre, Buenos Aires provinse
White and yellow church by the river in Tigre

Another time, I went with my mother on a “nature tour” where you embarked on one of the small islands in the Tigre Delta. It was okay but nothing really special.

You might find some interesting tours on the Tigre Delta with GetYourGuide:

Boats on the river in Tigre Delta, Buenos Aires

Thus, nature is beautiful in the Delta, I think I’m more on enjoying the slow speed of the boat and looking at the beautiful houses like this one in the picture below.

English-styled mansion by the Tigre Delta

But then again… Who can resist the settings of a boat ride and the sun slowly crawling down behind the trees and creating this amazing light with the clouds?

Sunset and houses by the river

The town of Tigre

Lastly, as mentioned above, in the town of Tigre there are plenty of possibilities for shopping and buying souvenirs. BUT Tigre also has an incredible street art area, which you can read more about here.

You might also want to explore more of Tigre and stay overnight. There are plenty of different lodging options in and around Tigre:
Street art in Tigre, Buenos Aires

How to get to Tigre from Buenos Aires?

It only takes around an hour with public transportation to Tigre, and it is so easy that it is almost impossible to believe it!

From Retiro station in the center of Buenos Aires, you catch one of the blue provincial trains in direction of Tigre. Board the train by using the SUBE transportation card (the same as you use for the Subte and buses in Buenos Aires).

The train to Tigre also stops at other central spots in Buenos Aires such as Lisandro de la Torre and Belgrano C (just by barrio Chino). These might be easier to reach if you are staying in Palermo or Belgrano – check Google Maps or Como Llego-app for a trip planner.

Blue tren to Tigre, Buenos Aires
Have you visited Tigre? What did you think of it? Or do you have any good idea for other day trips from Buenos Aires? Please feel free to share your thoughts below.
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Tigre is perfect for a relaxing day trip from Buenos Aires


  1. Lydia@LifeUntraveled

    I went to Tigre in 2001! Back then it wasn’t considered “a tourist attraction” so my friend and I just hopped on a local boat and got off at a random stop to just walk around. Unfortunately, it had rained and the paths were muddy but I really enjoyed Tigre. I heard that now it’s become a tourist hot-spot with spa resorts and all. :\


    1. Rebecca

      Hi Lydia!
      Wow, it must have been a very special experience to visit Argentina in 2001! How funny that Tigre wasn’t “a tourist attraction” back then, today it for sure has turned into one – both for locals and foreigners! There are so many different tour companies offering routes on the delta.
      Oh, what a pitty that it was raining when you went there. Maybe you will be able to go another time 😉 Did you get a chance to see some parts of the city?
      Yeah, I recently found out that there are spa resorts and stuff like that in Tigre. Well, at least it brings income to the town 🙂
      Safe travels!
      // Rebecca


  2. Anthony @ Green Mochila

    Tigre has also one of the best fine arts museum in Argentina, the Museo de Arte Tigre, in a stunning villa. Have you been there? That’s actually the only thing we liked in Tigre (we rocketed straight to the “historic centre” and missed the street art corner you write about).


    1. Rebecca

      Hi Anthony,
      Thank you so much for dropping by! Thank you for this inside. I did know about the Fine Art Museum in Tigre but have (embarrassingly enough) never visited it! It must definitely be on the to do-list for the next trip to Tigre.
      I hope you’ll get another chance to visit the great street art in Tigre.


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