5 Perfect Day Trips from Buenos Aires
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The Most Popular Day Trips from Buenos Aires

Add a day trip from Buenos Aires to your Argentine itinerary and experience a new side of Argentina.

In this post, I want to share 5 ideal day trips from Buenos Aires with you. Each of them has something different to offer. So, there is something for every taste!

Best of all, most of these destinations can easily be reached by train or bus from the city center of Buenos Aires! So, you can leave in the morning and be back again in the afternoon.

Let’s dive into 5 perfect day trips from Buenos Aires!

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The 5 Best Day Trips from Buenos Aires

#1 Tigre Delta

The Tigre Delta is an all-time favorite day trip destination from Buenos Aires for locals and tourists alike. Tigre is also by far one of my favorite destinations to get out of Buenos Aires.

The small town of Tigre is located around 17 miles (28 km) north of the city center of Buenos Aires by the entrance to the massive Paraná Delta.

The Delta consists mostly of islands and wetlands areas that can only be accessed by boat. Tigre is the perfect spot for boat rides and other water sports activities.

Some of the highlights to visit in Tigre are:

  • Go on a boat ride on the Tigre Delta
  • Explore Tigre’s small Art District, Boulevard Saenz Peña
  • Enjoy the handcraft and souvenirs at Puerto de Frutos
  • Visit the local art museum, Museo de Arte Tigre

It is super easy to access Tigre from Buenos Aires. There is a regional train that connects Tigre to some main spots in Buenos Aires.

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Tigre Delta: Day trip from Buenos Aires

#2 La Plata

La Plata is the capital city of the Province of Buenos Aires, which is the province that surrounds the city of Buenos Aires. By train, it only takes an hour from Buenos Aires to get to La Plata. It just couldn’t be more accessible as a destination for a day trip from Buenos Aires.

La Plata is the 4th largest city in Argentina, but it is less known to international travelers. However, it is still worth a visit!

Some of the highlights to visit in La Plata are:

  • The cathedral (the largest in Argentina),
  • The Le Corbusier House (the only house of the famous architect Le Corbusier in South America)
  • The enormous natural science museum, Museo de la Plata.

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La Plata: Day Trip from Buenos Aires

#3 The Mataderos Sunday Market

The Mataderos Market, or Feria de Mataderos in Spanish, is the perfect day trip to experience traditional Argentine crafts, food, and folkloric performances.

Feria de Mataderos is the perfect place to go if you get a quick day trip not too far away from Buenos Aires. It is not even outside Buenos Aires!

The Mataderos market is located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of the same name, Mataderos. However, since Buenos Aires is a large city, it will require a whole day to set off to go to the market.

Keep in mind that the market is only on Sundays April through December.

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The Sunday market, Feria de Mataderos, is the perfect spot for experiencing traditional Argentine gaucho culture firsthand.

#4 San Isidro

San Isidro is the perfect spot for a day trip from Buenos Aires If you want an off-the-beaten-track destination for your day trip.

Few international travelers know about or visit San Isidro, so it is your place to go for a unique day trip!

San Isidro is a small city located by the coast up north of the city of Buenos Aires with beautiful views of Río de la Plata. San Isidro was founded in 1784, and the city has a beautiful historic quarter with old mansions and gardens.

Some of the highlights to visit in San Isidro are:

  • The neo-gothic Cathedral of San Isidro
  • Villa Ocampo (a beautiful mansion of Argentine writer Victoria Ocampo)
  • The riverside parks
  • The Pueyrredón Museum (a museum and traditional Argentine estancia).

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San Isidro: A Different Day Trip from Buenos Aires

#5 San Antonio de Areco

San Antonio de Areco is one of the oldest towns in the Province of Buenos Aires and dates back to 1730. San Antonio de Areco is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience an authentic countryside town.

The town of San Antonio de Areco played an important role in bringing the gaucho culture into Argentine popular culture. The town creates the setting for the story of the life of a gaucho in the book, Don Segundo Sombra, written by the Argentine writer Ricardo Güiraldes.

Some of the highlights to visit in San Antonio de Areco are:

  • Visiting a local farm, or estancia, to try traditional Argentine BBQ (asado) and experience folkloric performances
  • Experiencing the historic center of the town
  • Getting a drink at Viejo Boliche Bessonart
  • Eating chocolate at La Olla de Cobre

While it might be a little bit ambitious to do San Antonio de Areco as a day trip from Buenos Aires, it is still doable if you don’t mind getting up early and coming back to Buenos Aires late.

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San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

Have you visited any of these day trip destinations from Buenos Aires? Which is your favorite? And which day trip are you planning to take on? Share your thoughts and knowledge below!

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