Street Art that You Can’t Miss When in Buenos Aires

Street art that you can't miss when in Buenos Aires

Street art in Buenos Aires is vibrant and creative. But you need to know where to look for the good pieces! Therefore, I collected some of my favorite spots for street art to share with you right here:

It is no secret that I love checking out street art when I travel. But I have to admit that I generally have been really bad at checking it out here in Buenos Aires – despite the fact that I have lived here for the past 4 years! So, when my mum came to visit last December it was the perfect time to go on street art hunting.

Now I want to share some of the greatest pieces of street art in Buenos Aires with you, so you also get a chance to enjoy them!

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#1 Flower woman

Street art that you can't miss when in Buenos Aires

This mural is without any doubt one of my favorite piece of street art in Buenos Aires. A façade covered with a face of a woman with a crown of flowers in multiple layers and a huge leopard on the garage… What is not to like?

The piece is made by Argentine artists group, Campos Jesses. They are the same ones that made the famous Frida Kahlo mural in Palermo (see below).

The flower woman is located on the façade of the bar and nightclub, Kuma. And, it even lights up at night!

Location: Presidente José Evaristo Uriburu between Marcelo T. de Alvear and Avenida Santa Fe (Recoleta)

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#2 Frida

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This mural of the iconic Frida Kahlo holding a cigarette is properly one of the most photographed street art murals in Buenos Aires.

It is performed by the Argentine artist group, Campos Jesses. The same ones with the flower woman above.

The Frida Kahlo street art mural is located outside the bar and nightclub Fridha.

Location: Dorrego 1735 (Palermo)

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#3 Hospital of the Medical School

This massive mural is located on the façade of the Clinical Hospital of University of Buenos Aires. It was created in memorial for the anniversary of the AMIA attack.

On July 18th, 1994, a bomb exploded inside the AMIA, Argentine Israelite Mutual Association’s building. More than 300 people were injured, and 85 were killed. It is seen as the biggest attack on jews outside of Israel since second world ware. However, the guilt(s) of the attack was never found, and until this day, the case remains unsolved

The mural is made in honor of the work of Argentine doctors who treated the more than 300 injured after the attack.

Read more about the AMIA attack here.

Street art that you can't miss when in Buenos Aires

The street art mural is a joint effort by Argentine artists Mariano Andedomenico, Martín Ron, and Mariela Ajras. The three murals represent a scene from just after the bombing, a scene from inside the hospital after the attack, and the injustice of the unsolved case. This enormous street art mural was finished in 2019.

These three street art pieces are located it is within walking distance of the mural with the flower woman (#1) – a perfect two-in-one fit!

Tip: you get the best view if you take the subway to Facultad de Medicina on the D-line. Read more about public transportation here.

Location: Hospital de ClíncasPresidente José Evaristo Uriburu between Avenida Córdoba and Paraguay (Recoleta)

#4 Fileteado porteño and Callejón Gardel

Street art that you can't miss when in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has its own classic type of street art: fileteado porteño

You might have seen some beautiful painted signs on the San Telmo Sunday market. Or some of the classic restaurants with carefully painted decorations on their windows. If so, then you have most likely seen some example of fileteado.

However, the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Almagro takes this classic porteño art to a new level; whole houses covered with beautiful fileteado porteño.

Actually, there are two whole blocks of different types of street art; both fileteado porteño and more classic street art; such as a massive painting of tango legend Carlos Gardel.

Also, Carlos Gardel’s childhood home-turned-museum is located on this street, Jean Jaures.

Remember also to  head down the alley of Carlos Cardel, Callejón Carlos Gardel, to check out some more fileteado porteño. And head out on Avenida Corrientes to take a look at iconic Buenos Aires landmark, the Abasto Shopping mall.

Street art that you can't miss when in Buenos Aires

Almagro in itself is full of a bohemian tango vibe with will give you a more authentic experience than just sticking to the center of Buenos Aires.

Read more about fileteado porteño here.

Location: Jean Jaures between Avenida Corrientes and Tucumán (Almagro) 

Street art that you can't miss when in Buenos Aires

#5 Alice in Wonderland

Have you ever wondered what your house might look like if you were part of Alice in Wonderland? 

Well, when in Buenos Aires you don’t have to wonder anymore. This street art mural will answer your question.

The street art mural is located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Colegiales. It is performed by French street art artist, Celine Hitier. See more of her Alice in Wonderland street art here.

Location: Conde between Olleros and Maduro (Villa Crespo)

#5 3-D art in Puerto Madero

These 3-D paintings are created by Mexican 3D artist, Juandres Vera for the Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires in 2018.

Unfortunately, the paintings are starting to look a little bit warn out – wind, rain, and people jumping on them has set their mark.

Location: Parque Mujeres Argentinas just behind Puente de la Mujer (Puerto Madero)

Street art that you can't miss when in Buenos Aires
Street art that you can't miss when in Buenos Aires

#7 Flower house

One of my favorite street art artist is Argentine Josefina di Nucci. She paints big, colorful and flower-filled murales.

She has multiple murales around Buenos Aires, but one of them is in the new up-coming DoHo Villa Urquiza area. And it really deserves a mentioning: The whole corner façade of restaurant ACHE Delugo covered in flowers.

You can see more of Josefina di Nucci’s street art work on her instagram.

Remember to check out all my tips for visiting DoHo Villa Urquiza!

Location: Donado between Sucre and La Pampa (Villa Urquiza)

Street art that you can't miss when in Buenos Aires
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#8 Marxist kittens

Last but not least! This is a mural I have been wanting to see for a very long time! But I never found time to go and find it. It is definitely on my list of things to do when lockdown in Buenos Aires starts to loosen up.

Basically, it has my all time favorite element: cats!

The street art mural is created by Argentine street art artist Nicolas Romero Escalada – check out his Instagram for other great pieces (some of them including more cats!)

This street art piece has an interesting background story (according to the artist’s own (Instagram) description): 

Videos of cats are of the most-watched on YouTube. Studies have shown that people feel better and more positive after watching movies of cats. However, people don’t always look for cats when they enter YouTube! So, watching videos of cats turns into a mixture of guilt and pleasure. A very similar mixture of feelings connected to consumption. The artist in this mural tried to connect cats and communism…? And well, this is the result.

Tip: If you are up for a little walk (or subway tour), you can do the kittens and the fileteado (#4) in the same day. 

Location: Serrano between Castillo and Loyola (Villa Crespo)

Street art that you can't miss when in Buenos Aires
How did you like these 8 street art places to visit in Buenos Aires? What was your favorite one? Or do you have another piece of street art that is your favorite one in Buenos Aires? Share your thoughts and knowledge below!

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  1. Bente Hoffmann * Bentes rejser

    Dejligt gensyn med noget af BA’s fantastiske street art! Du må bestemt hen og se Marx og kattene, når det igen bliver muligt – og husk også at gå lidt længere hen ad Serrano, hvor det grønne vægmalerie med en kvinde og en leopard er (er i mit blogindlæg) 🙂


    1. Rebecca

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