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Beaches Close to Buenos Aires: Explore the Best Beach Towns

Few people think of Buenos Aires as a beach holiday destination. While the beaches close to Buenos Aires by the Atlantic Ocean are a less-known summer destination for international travelers, they are a very popular destination for locals.

The beaches close to Buenos Aires are located on the Atlantic Coast of Argentina, also known as Costa Argentina or Costa Atlanica.

The beaches on the Argentine coast are not what you normally associate with the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and Brazil with white sand beaches and crystal-clear blue water.

The Argentine beaches are more rustic, unfiltered, and wild. Actually, the beaches close to Buenos Aires remind me a lot about Denmark with its windy and sandy beaches.

In the summer, the temperatures in Argentina rise well above the temperatures in Denmark. Especially, in Buenos Aires, the temperature and the humidity can become so unbearable that you become desperate to escape the city.

So, when the summer approaches in Buenos Aires, many locals pack their bags and go on a long weekend beach getaway or two full weeks of summer holidays to the beaches near Buenos Aires.

During my seven years of living in Buenos Aires, I visited the beaches on the Argentine coast several times. I have visited many different beaches close to Buenos Aires, which is the basis for this post.

If you are a beach lover and staying long-term in Buenos Aires or visiting to escape the winter months in the Western Hemisphere, a beach trip near Buenos Aires might be what you are looking for!

To help you plan the beach trip that fits you the best, I have put together this post with some of the most popular destinations on Argentina’s Atlantic Coast.

Let’s dive into exploring the best beach towns to visit close to Buenos Aires!

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A Guide to the Best Beaches Close to Buenos Aires

Escape the city bustle: Discover beautiful beaches close to Buenos Aires

Where Are the Best Beaches Near Buenos Aires?

The best beaches close to Buenos Aires are located on the Argentine coastline by the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are located south of the capital city of Buenos Aires in the Buenos Aires Province.

The city of Buenos Aires is located by the river, Río de la Plata. However, the city doesn’t have a proper beach.

For that reason, the porteños escape the summer heat by going to the coastal towns down south of Buenos Aires.

The most popular beach close to Buenos Aires is called Mar de Plata, however, in my opinion, there are many other beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Coast.

How to Get to the Beach Towns Near Buenos Aires?

The two best ways to get to the beaches close to Buenos Aires are:

Renting a car might be the most expensive option, but it also allows you to explore more hidden and off-the-beaten-path places along the Argentine Coast.

However, if you prefer to travel by bus to the Atlantic Coast of Argentina, you must choose the destination wisely. Not all coastal towns have a bus station or bus service.

Rent a Car & Road Trip to the Atlantic Coast

Renting a car is the easiest and quickest way to get to the beaches close to Buenos Aires.

A road trip to the Atlantic Coast is especially beneficial if you are traveling in a group or are planning a day trip to the Argentine Coast.

To get to the beaches closest to Buenos Aires on the Atlantic Coast by car you should calculate at least three to four hours of driving.

If you want to visit some of the nicer beaches a bit further away from Buenos Aires, you would spend closer to five to six hours driving from Buenos Aires.

Take the Bus to the Atlantic Coast

You can also take long-distance buses from Buenos Aires to Argentina’s Atlantic Coast. The bus service only runs to the bigger coastal towns on the Atlantic Coast.

You can get to towns such as Mar del Plata, Pinamar, and Villa Gesell with a long-distance bus from Buenos Aires. But there are no services to the smaller towns such as Mar Azul or Mar de las Pampas.

The best place to purchase the bus tickets is at Busbud.

The Best Time to Visit the Buenos Aires Beaches

In Argentina, the seasons are opposite of Europe and the U.S.. The summer months in Argentina are from November to the end of February. Sometimes, the weather is also still nice enough for a beach trip in early March.

During the summer months in Buenos Aires, the temperatures go well above 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).

The most popular months for summer holidays and beach trips in Argentina are December, January, and February.

In January and February, the most famous beaches can be extremely crowded as it is the high season for school holidays in Argentina.

Explore coastal towns close to Buenos Aires to escape the summer heath

10 Popular Beaches Close to Buenos Aires

#1 Mar Azul

Mar Azul is a small coastal town in the middle of a beautiful pine forest on the Argentine Coast. This beach town by far one of my favorite beaches close to Buenos Aires.

Mar Azul, translated as Blue Water, is one of the more quiet and chilled options for a beach getaway to the Argentine Coast. The place is popular among families with children and retirees.

The town’s location in the pine forest gives it a special cozy feel. Most of the accommodations in Mar Azul are wooden cottages – or cabañas as they are called in Argentina.

Since the coastal town is tiny, all accommodation in Mar Azul is located within walking distance from the beach.

In the center of Mar Azul, there are some restaurants, bars, and smaller shops. However, there are no larger supermarkets.

Mar Azul is located right next to another popular coastal town called Mar de las Pampas. The only larger city to Mar Azul is Villa Gesell, located around a 30-minute drive away.

It can be difficult to get to Mar Azul without a car. The long-distance buses from Buenos Aires arrive at the larger city, Villa Gesell. From Villa Gesell, you would need to change to a local bus to get to Mar Azul.

Distance from Buenos Aires: 242 miles / 390 km

#2 Mar de las Pampas

Mar de las Pampas is a coastal town located around 235 miles (380 km) from Buenos Aires on the Atlantic Coast of Argentina.

Mar de las Pampas is located right next to Mar Azul, and has a similar vibe to that of Mar Azul with wooden cottages located inside a beautiful pine forest.

However, Mar de las Pampas is a bit bigger than Mar Azul and has a wider variety of places to eat out.

However, there are no larger supermarkets in Mar de las Pampas. So, if you are planning to cook and not eat out every night, it might be a good idea to buy groceries beforehand.

Mar de las Pampas is located around a 20-minute drive from the larger coastal city, Villa Gesell.

To get to Mar de las Pampas without a car, you need to take the long-distance bus from Buenos Aires to Villa Gesell. From Villa Gesell, you can take a local bus or a taxi to Mar de las Pampas.

Distance from Buenos Aires: 240 miles / 385 km

Discover hidden gems along the Buenos Aires coastline

#3 Pinamar

Pinamar is a larger coastal town on the Argentine Coast and one of the most popular beach destinations in Buenos Aires.

Pinamar is easily accessible by long-distance bus from Buenos Aires, which makes it a great beach location if you don’t want to rent a car. The bus drive from Buenos Aires to Pinamar takes around four to five hours.

Piramar is known as one of the more upscale beach towns in Buenos Aires. There are plenty of accommodation options, small supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, and beach bars.

Beach bars are also known as paradores in Argentina.

At the paradores, you can stop for a bite to eat, a cold drink, or to rent a small tent, a beach umbrella, or a beach chair.

The city center of Pinamar features tall apartment buildings that almost look like they were taken out of Buenos Aires.

When in Pinamar, don’t miss out on visiting the old pier, el Muelle de Pinamar. From the end of the pier, you have a beautiful view of the sea and the city.

On the old pier, there is a small restaurant called Mar Adentro, or translated Inside the Sea. The restaurant offers local dishes with a lot of seafood options. It is really worth stopping by!

In my opinion, Pinamar is less cozy compared to Mar Azul. I would choose Mar Azul over Pinamar at any time. However, Pinamar is a good option if you don’t want to rent a car to visit the Argentine beaches.

Distance from Buenos Aires: 220 miles / 355 km

Discover the sandy beaches close to Buenos Aires at night time
Pinamar is one of the many beaches close to Buenos Aires to visit

#4 Cariló

Cariló is a smaller coastal town close to Buenos Aires and is especially known for being the preferred beach location among Argentina’s elite.

In Cariló, you can find upscale resorts, luxurious apartments, and cottages located inside a pine forest.

The Cariló beach is a wide sandy beach with many paradores or beach bars. From the paradores, you can rent a beach chair or beach umbrella.

To get to Cariló without a car, you can take the long-distance bus from Buenos Aires to Valeria del Mar. Valeria del Mar is located right next to Cariló, and the two towns have almost melted into one.

Alternatively, you can take the bus from Buenos Aires to Pinamar. From Pinamar to Cariló, it takes around 15 minutes by car.

I visited Cariló just before we left Argentina at the end of 2022. The place didn’t stand out to me as something special.

Unfortunately, the weather was not very good when we visited, so we didn’t get to spend much time on the beach.

Distance from Buenos Aires: 228 miles / 367 km

#5 Villa Gesell

Villa Gesell is a larger coastal town on the Argentina coastline and one of the most famous beach destinations among Argentine teenagers.

Villa Gesell is the Argentine coast’s big party town. So, if you are looking for a place to party all night and sleep on the beach, Villa Gesell might be the place for you!

Even if you are not interested in partying all night long, I found that Villa Gesell also has some very nice and quiet areas on the outskirts of the town. Staying on the outskirts of Villa Gesell allows you to be close to the beach while having the commodities of a larger city within close reach.

The Villa Gesell Beach offers soft sands with plenty of amenities such as beach chairs, beach bars, and restaurants.

Since Villa Gesell is a larger coastal town, there are plenty of accommodation options, restaurants, supermarkets, and (of course) bars and nightclubs.

Villa Gesell is located between Pinamar and Mar Azul. From Pinamar to Villa Gesell by car, it takes around 30 minutes.

You can reach Villa Gesell with a long-distance bus from Buenos Aires. The bus drive takes around six to seven hours from Buenos Aires depending on the bus company.

Distance from Buenos Aires: 233 miles / 375 km

Enjoy the summer in Argentina at one of the beaches nearby Buenos Aires

#6 Necochea

Necochea is among the largest towns on Argentina’s Atlantic Coast together with Villa Gesell and Mar del Plata.

Necochea is also the coastal town farthest from Buenos Aires. The town is situated between Mar del Plata and Bahía Blanca.

From Buenos Aires, by car, it takes around 6 hours to Necochea. The long-distance bus from Buenos Aires to Necochea takes around eight to nine hours.

Necochea is a beautiful city with a nice balance between urban features and beach attractions. I didn’t know what to expect when visiting Necochea for the first time, but I ended up liking it a lot.

Necochea Beach is a wide beach with soft sand and direct access from the town. At the far end of the beach in Necochea, there is a spot where wild sea lions come to rest. I did not have the opportunity to visit, but if you plan on going to Necochea, consider checking out the location for the sea lions.

Neocochea is a great beach location if you are looking to continue down south to explore parts of Argentina’s Patagonia region such as Peninsula Valdés.

Necochea is also known to be part of the “Danish Triangle” in the Province of Buenos Aires. Danish immigration in the 1880s created a strong Danish community in the area. During my visit, I saw the Danish flags several times and the town also has a Danish school. 

Distance from Buenos Aires: 315 miles / 510 km

Necochea is one of the beach locations to visit near Buenos Aires


#7 San Clemente del Tuyú

San Clemente del Tuyú is the coastal town and beach closest to Buenos Aires on the Atlantic Coast. For that reason, it is also one of the most busy towns on the Argentine Coast.

From San Clemente de Tuyú to Mar de Ajó 28 miles (45 km) down south, the coastal towns lay like pearls on a string along the Argentine coastline. These beach towns are the beaches closest to Buenos Aires and the easiest beaches to get to from Buenos Aires.

San Clemente del Tuyú is connected with Buenos Aires with a direct long-distance bus. The bus from Buenos Aires takes around four to five hours.

The biggest attraction in San Clemente del Tuyú is the attraction park, Mundo Marino. Mundo Marino features local animals like dolphins, killer whales, and sea lions.

The town of San Clemente del Tuyú doesn’t offer much else than Mundo Marino and the beach. The town is more worn down and poorly maintained than other of the coastal towns.

San Clemente del Tuyú is your best option if you are looking for a quick beach getaway or a day trip to the beaches close to Buenos Aires.

Distance from Buenos Aires: 205 miles / 330 km

#8 Las Toninas

Las Toninas is a beach town close to Buenos Aires, located around 20-minute car drive from San Clemente del Tuyú.

The small town is quieter and more relaxed than San Clemente del Tuyú. However, Las Toninas and other coastal towns in this first part of the coastline closest to Buenos Aires appear less well-maintained compared to other beach towns further down south.

Nevertheless, these coastal towns also seem to offer cheaper accommodation than their counterparts further down south.

The smart thing about the design of Las Toninas is that the town is built with a rectangular layout. So, no matter where you stay in the little beach town, you are always close to the beach.

From Buenos Aires, it takes around four to five hours to get to Las Toninas by long-distance bus. The car drive from Buenos Aires is around four hours.

Las Toninas has a maze, Laberinto Las Toninas, that you can visit if the weather doesn’t invite you to lay on the beach.

Distance from Buenos Aires: 211 miles / 340 km

Beautiful sunset at one of the beaches close to Buenos Aires

#9 Santa Teresita

Santa Teresita is a small coastal town on the Argentine Coast, situated next to Las Toninas.

The main attraction in Santa Teresita is the large replica of Christopher Columbus’s ship, La Carabela Santa María. You can explore the inside of the ship, which is a hit if you are traveling with kids.

Santa Teresita’s proximity to Buenos Aires and small size make it a great place for a family-friendly vacation.

Both Las Toninas and Santa Teresita appear to be beach towns that primarily operate around tourists during the summer months. The small coastal towns offer hotels and restaurants on nearly every corner.

Distance from Buenos Aires: 215 miles / 347 km

#10 Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is a resort city and the largest coastal city on the Argentine Coast. Mar del Plata is also the most popular beach close to Buenos Aires.

When chatting with locals in Buenos Aires about hitting the beach, Mar del Plata is often highlighted as the place to go. Mar del Plata, or simply Mardel by locals, is the absolute most popular beach destination for porteños escaping the summer heat of Buenos Aires.

However, Mar del Plata’s popularity also comes with a price; it is completely overcrowded in the summer months!

Honestly, I’ve never been to Mar del Plata myself. The chaos of bustling cities, crowded beaches, and scorching heat is not my cup of tea.

Mar del Plata is located around five hours by car from Buenos Aires, and around an hour’s drive from Villa Gesell. 

You can also easily get to Mar del Plata from Buenos Aires with a long-distance bus. The bus drive is also around five hours.

Read more about what to do in Mar del Plata.

Distance from Buenos Aires: 258 miles / 415 km

A beach town on Argentina's Atlantic Coast
Enjoy the summer in Argentina

Have you heard about the beaches close to Buenos Aires? Which one would you like to visit? Share your thoughts and knowledge below!

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