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Quick guide to exploring Havana like a local

Havana is usually compared to stepping inside a time bobble. The old 50s cars on the streets, the old colonial houses and people sitting in their doorway chatting to their neighbor. Life has another speed here.   However, it can also be a little bit difficult to figure out how everyday life actually is lived here. How can you get […]

How to use the collective taxis in Havana? Quick guide to las máquinas de La Habana

Cuba’s properly most well-known and popular asset are the old 50s cars. A classic tourist activity in Havana is to rent one of those iconic cars and go for a drive on the seaside drive, Malecón. However, the cars are not only for tourists. The old 50s cars are used all around the island as taxi collectivos or máquinas as the […]

10 phrases of Cuban slang you should know before visiting Cuba

10 phrases of Cuban slang you should know before visiting Cuba

Are you planning a visit Cuba, and don’t you want feel like a complete lost foreigner? Wouldn’t it be nice to understand a little bit more of what is going on around you? Even if you understand some basic Spanish, it can be very hard to make sense of Cuban Spanish . Then, these 10 phrases of Cuban slang might be […]

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