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Jardin: Colombia's untouched colorful pearl

Jardin: Colombia’s untouched colorful pearl

The bus takes another dramatic turn on the small mountain road. Going up and up, around and around in scarp curves. I lean slightly over so I’m able to see the driver’s speedometer. As we pass a speed sign showing 60 km/h, I see that the speedometer shows well above the 80 km/h… I try to calm myself down a […]

Bogota street view

5 useful phrases you should know before visiting Colombia

During this month I will be wrapping up in a bit of the material and notes I have from my month of travelling in Colombia. Last week we looked at street art in Bogotá. Now let’s continue to a little brush up on your Spanish, so you are completely prepared to be understood in Colombia – and don’t make the […]


Bogota’s street art stole my heart

I had to stop for bit to just watch, and take in the moment. The colors were everywhere. Around any corner, on everything from an abandoned house to the façade of a small shop. The street art in Bogota isn’t this kind of crappy stuff that I know from home where it seems like it is more the adenine kick of […]

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