Restaurant Piso Nueve: the best of Argentina’s cuisine

Please mind that Piso Nueve is closed as of end of September 2019

The restaurant Piso Nueve at the Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK) is the ideal place if you want to have a unique experience while in Buenos Aires and try some delicious Argentine food. And who won’t like that?

Food traveling (and food travel blogging) has become increasing popular, and you can find endless blog posts about the classic food you must to try in Argentina: parilla, empanadas, pizza, etc., etc.

But how about trying something different? Something unique but still Argentine?

The dinner experience at restaurant Piso Nueve is exactly that unique experience you have been looking for!

Keep on read to find out more.

You can't miss this incredible experience of Argentine food at restaurant Piso Nueve in Buenos Aires

Restaurant Piso Nueve

The location of Piso Nueve is the first thing that makes it a unique experience.

Piso Nueve is located on the top floor on the cultural center Kirchner. As the quick Spanish-speakers among you has figured out its name means 9th floor, because… well, it is on the 9th floor!

From up there, you have an incredible view over the modern Puerto Madero district of downtown Buenos Aires. You might even be able to spot the famous landmark Puente de la Mujer (e.g. the woman bridge) from up here.

From the entrance to the restaurant, you will also have a look-out to the iconic blue cupola on top of the Centro Cultural Kirchner.

According to the signs placed by the entrance to the restaurant, there should also be access to some kind of view point. But it was closed when I visited. A thing that has to be investigated further!

But, but… We are not here to talk about views and blue cupolas, right? Or at least not only! We are here to talk about food!

The food at Piso Nueve 

The concept of Piso Nueve is relatively easy to understand but that does not make it less exciting for food lovers:

Piso Nueve wants to promote Argentine food and its specialities!

Every second week, the restaurant invites a new local Argentine chef from a different region of Argentina to prepare a menu with specialities from their region.

Hence, you will get a chance to enjoy classic Argentine specialities prepared by some of the best chefs in Argentina! And your experience is most likely to be every different from other people visiting Piso Nueve at different times because the menu is changing!

You can't miss this incredible experience of Argentine food at restaurant Piso Nueve in Buenos Aires

What’s included in the menu?

The menu at Piso Nueve includes 3 main dishes, a dessert, a glass of wine or soda, water, and a cup of coffee or tea with your dessert.

All of this for $650 Argentine pesos per person (at the moment of writing). That’s around 15 USD (with Argentina’s ever-changing dollar exchange rate it is hard to know).

When I visited, the menu was created with specialities from the Pampa region, located just Northeast from Buenos Aires and especially famous for their meat.

The menu included a provoleta (e.g. grilled cheese), empanadas, a entraña-steak, and finally, pancakes with dulce de leche (e.g. caramel spread) for dessert… And it was yummy!!

You can follow Piso Nueve on Instagram, where they upload photos with the new menus (and fotos of the food!). If you are not so strong on the Spanish, you might like to get a bit of help from Google Translate (and you should remember to check out my guide to basic greetings in Argentina).

Pro tip! If you don’t have enough time to go for a dinner while in Buenos Aires? Piso Nueve also offers afternoon teas! In Spanish there are called Merienda, and they take place at 5 pm. 

You can't miss this incredible experience of Argentine food at restaurant Piso Nueve in Buenos Aires

3 important things you have to know before visiting Piso Nueve

#1 You must, must, MUST reserver your spot beforehand!

Piso Nueve does not function as a normal restaurant, where you can just walk in and get a spot.

The restaurant works with previous reservations on specific time slots. For dinner there are two time slots; one at 7:30 pm and one at 21:30 pm. For afternoon tea (merienda) it is 5 pm.

You can reserve your spot through this link or by buying them directly at the information desk on the ground floor of the cultural center. By buying online you can choose exactly the spot in the restaurant that you would like – nice, right?

#2 Be on time!

The entrance to the restaurant is super punctual and so is the serving of the food. It is not stressed at all but very well-organized (for whose of you who are family with Argentina and Argentine culture that’s quiet an achievement).

However, it also mean that for your own sake and for getting the most out of the experience: be on time for your time slot.

#3 Remember to pick up your ticket beforehand

If you brought your ticket online, remember that you must pick it up at least 2 hours before the entrance to the restaurant.

You pick up tickets at the information desk on the ground floor of Centro Cultural Kirchner.

Centro Cultural Kirchner

The opening of the restaurant Piso Nueve is a relatively new thing in Buenos Aires. However, the cultural center Kirchner has been running since 2015, and is considered the biggest central center in Latin America. It holds plenty of musical and cultural activities. 

Centro Cultural Kirchner is located in downtown Buenos Aires, just a stone’s throw from the presidential Casa Rosada, the modern Puerto Madero district, and the historical San Telmo neighborhood. There is, therefore, a good chance that you will be around, if you are visiting Buenos Aires. So, why not also prepare a special Argentine food experience?

The cultural center is named after Argentina’s former president Néstor Kirchner, but the building itself used to be the central post office of Buenos Aires.

For that reason, the name of the new subway station opened just on the door steps of the cultural center is also called Correo Central (e.g. the central post office). 

Another special feature of the cultural center is that – as you can see in my photos – that original installations from its time as a post office, has been preserved on the ground floor.

If you are visiting Piso Nueve for dinner, you will enter the cultural center after the actual center has closed. This means that you will have the entrance area almost for yourself – and as you can see I took advantage of this!


Piso Nueve, on 9th floor of Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK)

Sarmiento 151, Buenos Aires

You can't miss this incredible experience of Argentine food at restaurant Piso Nueve in Buenos Aires
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