Liebster Award 2017

I got nominated for an award! The famous Liebster Award is given within the blogging community – for bloggers by bloggers, so to speak. Its aim is to help and promote new blogs.

The Liebster Award works a bit like an old-school chain-mailing lists; you receive the challenge from one friend, and then pass it on to more friends – and then it spreads out. It is a good way to spread the knowledge of new comers in the blogging community, engage with other blogs, and help each other to grow a bigger audience. But of course, also to get to know the people behind the blogs a bit more. I'm a fan!

Therefore, firstly a huge thanks to Recovering Hippie for nominating me! Rebecca, the voice behind Recovering Hippie, texted me on Twitter some time ago, and asked if I would like to be nominated for the Liebster Award.

Well, of course!

Recovering Hippie shares stories about her travels in South America. Especially, I enjoyed reading her description of how she forgot to buy food before a hike in Patagonia, and had to survive with a tube of Pringles. I will keep in mind to buy some proper food before beginning a hike 😉

Blond girl and blue car in Cuba

Recovering Hippie gave me 11 questions which I have to answer, and then I will pass 11 new questions on to my nominees.

So here we go, welcome to my Liebster Award post:

My Liebster Award post
1. Where is the best/favourite place you have visited?

Sevilla, Spain!

In English, it is actually Seville buut…. Let's face it; it just sounds so much better in Spanish... Sevillaa.

Sevilla was the destination where my Spanish adventure, and thereby also the very base of this blog started. It will always have a special place in my heart, and then it is just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! 

I went on holiday there for the first time nearly 5 years ago, where I stayed at a hostel in the center of the city, having an amazing time with couchsurfing meetings, pub crawls, meeting new people, and sightseeing.

I became friends with the manager, and upon leaving he gave me his business card, and said that if I anytime was interested in a job in Spain, I could just give him a call... What he properly didn't expect was that I did!

Spain and Sevilla had just got me!

My Liebster Award post

I was fascinated by the Spanish culture and language.

I had just finished high school in Denmark, and had started working in a hostel in Copenhagen where I had to speak English all the time. Finally, I was improving my English. Now I thought I could speak with the whole world buut...

In southern Spain ¡no! 

It tricked something in me. I needed to learn Spanish, I decided.

So, I returned to Sevilla and the hostel with only the promise of one month of voluntary work, and maybe (but only MAYBE) the possibility of paid reception work.

I didn't speak any Spanish, and the Spanish economy was on its knees... But they hired me! They hired me!! They simply hired me!!


My Liebster Award post

I didn't get to stay in Sevilla but I got a receptionist position in Granada. I ended up stayed in Spain for a total of a year and a half.

So yes, Sevilla for me apart from its undoubted beauty and spectacular culture, is something very special for me.

My Liebster Award post

Tip: Do visit in April, and do visit Feria de Abril. You will be astonished by all the beautiful flamenco dresses and elegant men on horses.

My Liebster Award post
2. What place/thing is top of your bucket list?

At the moment, I have this obsession with the Northern part of Argentina and Bolivia. I just really want to see the amazing mountain landscapes, visit the salt flakes, la Paz and the Death Road.


3. Who or what do you miss the most when you are away from home?

I miss this (for foreigners) crazy thing called "rugbrød". It is a dark traditional Danish bread with a lot of seeds and other healthy things in it. Everyone in Denmark knows it (and usually either loves it or hates it).

Since I lived in Spain, it is THE thing I ask my mum to bring when she visits. And talking about mummy! Of course, I miss mummy when I'm away! Who don't? 

So, what better way to appreciate her then nominating her and her new travel blog for the Liebster Award? Check out my nominees below!

4. What is your favourite travel quote?

Truth is that I don't really have one…

Or maybe just to be a little patriotic, it might be: "At rejse er at leve" (To travel is to live). The properly most famous Danish writer (Mr. Hans Christian Andersen) is known to have said so.

Yes, the guy behind the stories of the Little Mermaid (not the Disney version. The real one that ends sad), the Ugly Duckling, the Snow Queen, etc., etc.; he is Danish!

My Liebster Award post
5. The sea - on it, in it or stay on dry land?

In it! For sure! I think, I was a sea lion or something like that in my former life. 

My Liebster Award post

Yeah, that could be me somewhere there in the middle...

6. Sunsets or sunrises?

I enjoy sunrises for the very special lightning in the early mornings. This kind of golden shine over everything as the sun rises. However, sunsets can contain so many more strong colors... In the end, I think I take way more photos of sunsets than sunrises. Sooo let's say: sunsets.

My Liebster Award post

Can't complain about the view from the terrace in Buenos Aires

7. What are your desert island disks? (Up to five albums)

After reading your Liebster Award post, Recovering Hippie, I now know that you are a complete music lover. Well, I won't say that I'm the opposite because I like music. But I'm far from fanatic so this was a hard one 😉

So, let's say: bring me some Nirvana, some Calle 13, some Norah Jones and Katie Melua, and I will be good.

My Liebster Award post
 8. Which four people (dead or alive) would you like to go on a road trip with?

I think I would take four of my besties: Mona, Ida, Mette and Klara on a road trip to an Hispanic country to show them, what it is that fascinate me so much about the Hispanic culture.

My Liebster Award post

This me like 4 years ago while I lived in Granada - also the city behind me.

9. And where would you go?

A Hispanic country. I would probably take them on a road trip in Spain during the spring and summer to show them the beautiful country of Spain.

The diversity within this country, the beautiful culture and amazing architecture; eat tapas and visit La Alhambra in Granada, go shopping in Barcelona,  to eat pintxos in San Sebastian, scroll the old quarter of Santa Cruz in Seville and dance all night long in Feria de Abril, look at big old building and massive museums in Madrid, and spend the day at the beach and the night eating fish and drinking vino in Cádiz...

Seriously, what is not to like?

 Or maybe on a year's road trip in an renovated old bus all through Latin America...? But maybe they would just be sacred off before we even got started?

My Liebster Award post
10. What advice would you give someone looking to travel?

Travel slow. Don't run around trying to see a whole country in a week, take your time!

Take time to just scroll around the streets of the city you are in. Drop in an small unknown restaurant, get a chat with the owner and enjoy a meal you haven't tried before. Talk with the people, try to understand how their life. Try to understand how they see their situation. 


11. How have you changed?

My fasciation for Hispanic countries also result in some cultural clashes. The differences between the Scandinavian way of doing things and the Hispanic way are huge.

Most of all, I think I have changed (and is still changing) regarding my concept of time. I have had to force myself to look differently at time. Force myself to accept and adopt a more relaxed approach to time, and “being on time”… Still learning.

"Ten paciencia" (be patient) as they will say to me here in Argentina. Or "mañana, mañana" as said in Spain.

My Liebster Award post

Me in Buenos Aires - taken a couple of months ago

My nominees for the Liebster Award:
  • Ahí Vamos (in Spanish, some stuff in English)
    The Argentine couple of Ale and Sergio are the voices behind the travel blog Ahí Vamos. I connected with them long time ago on Instagram where they post great pictures from their travels around the world. From there I started following along on their blog.
  • Bentes Rejser (in Danish)
    My super cool mum who has been working with web editing and travel writing for a loong time, recently started her own travel blog! If you are a non-Danish speaker, you might need a quick Danish course before reading along (or use the translate function on her blog). But you should definitely drop by to check out her amazing photos!
    Check out her Instagram as well - those pictures are stunning, I tell you!
  • The Backpacker (English)
    Mario was quick to write me back, and underline that he was not blogging for profit. Just for fun! That’s actually, why I choose to write him in the first place. Not all of us have the goal to become some sort of digital nomad wandering all the time, and there is space for all of us. As Mario puts it himself his blog is a like a journal “in the past, I tended to write stuff down on paper with my doctor's handwriting - now, I do it online.” Enjoy his blog with great articles about Panamá among other destinations.
  • Fly with Lola (in Spanish):
    Dolores is another of my Argentine Instagram acquaintances, which I only recently realized is blogging as well! She has a massive amount of resources about all kind of different places. And then she just rocks with those pictures! Do youself the favor, and check out her Instagram!

UPDATE! I'm happy to welcome yet another blogger to the Liebster Award! 

  • Caroline Travelss (in English): Caroline - or Karlijn as her real Dutch name is - blogs about all kind of different amazing destinations! So for sure, you will be able to find something that interests you as well.  And THEN she is a equal Sevilla-admire! What's not to like!? Remember to check out her excellent post about Seville. I'm looking forward to seeing your Liebster Award post as well!
My Liebster Award post
My Liebster Award questions:

1) Which destination has had the most impact on you? And why?

2) What do you get most excited about when you visit a new city or location?

3) What is the most overrated place or city you have visited?

4) Bike or train?

5) What’s your next travel destination? And why this particular one?

6) City breaks, hiking or beach holiday?

7) Hotel, hostel, couchsurfing or resort?

8) Name 3 destinations from your bucket list and explain why do you want to visit them.

9) What is your best advice to people looking to start blogging?

10) What motivated you to start your blog?

11) Which destination that you have already visited, would you like to go back to?

My Liebster Award post

The exact rules of the game for Liebster Award dependes a bit on who you ask. As I have understood it from the Recovering Hippie, I had to:

  • Answer her questions in a post,

  • Thank her in that post for nominating me, and link back to her,

  • Nominate around 5 new bloggers myself,

  • Give my nominees 11 new questions to answer,

  • And they afterwards have to do as I just did with Recovering Hippie: answer, thank, link back, nominate, give new questions…

However, I afterward found this website which seems like the official one for Liebster Award guidelines. It states things a bit differently. Aren’t that the beauty of the big crazy internet?

Soooo, I will let it be up to my nominees what guide lines they want to follow 🙂

Thank you all for dropping by and taking your time to read my Liebster Award post!




  1. Mario

    Hey Becci, thanks again for nominating me.
    It was fun answering the questions (and something different than the usual posts I do) 🙂
    Lets see what my nominees come up with.
    Mario recently posted…Liebster Award 2017My Profile


    1. Rebecca

      Hi Mario,
      Pleasure on my side! I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the challenge 😉 I’m looking forward to reading your nominees posts!


  2. Bente

    Mange tak for nomineringen 🙂
    Nu lykkedes det søreme også din gamle mor at få skrevet et Liebster Award-indlæg –
    en skæg udfordring:
    Bente recently posted…Liebster Award 2017My Profile


    1. Rebecca

      Det var så lidt, min søde mor 🙂 Var hyggeligt at læse dit indlæg! Og jeg er glad for at høre, at du synes om udfordringen 😉


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