Why I fell in love with Buenos Aires


Thank you for dropping by Becci Abroad! You properly dropped over to the "about me"-part to figure out a bit more about me... Sooo, let's get you some information:

So, I used to have one of those jobs that are on all the list of the best jobs for travellers. That was long before I even started to think about making a travel blog. But well, it is not so glamorous after all to be a hostel receptionist, and have to clean up after drunk Australians... Nevertheless, I learn a lot and certainly also had a good time. Apparently, so good a time that I ended up doing it for almost 4 years.

It bought me both to get to know my own city, Copenhagen, a lot better (I was that crazy receptionist with all the stories about the different places), and then to Spain where I lived for one and half year in the beautiful yet small city of Granada. In the end I was quiet tired of Spainards asking whether I was German (no offense German but I'm NOT German - would you like to be called Danish? No, right?) or an Erasmus student.. That "no, no I'm working" was usually followed by a "Working? How can you work when our country is in economic crisis?".

Anyway, when I went home to Denmark, one of my good friends' mother asked me if I would ever settle down in Denmark. "Yeah, maybe I will now", I remember laughing. I had to start university and get clever a all that... At lasted 6 months, then I was boarding a flight to Cuba and had rented my flat out.

Blond girl and blue car in Cuba

I ended up saying in Cuba for a total of 4 months while studying Spanish as a foreign language at the University of Havana. After that I managed to live two years in Scandinavia doing my degree in Business administration and Spanish at Copenhagen Business School.

Two years I lasted... Then I went on exchange to Buenos Aires... I was supposed to leave but ended up staying! I simply felt in love with the city, this people and its speed of life; a mix of stressed Europeans and relaxed Latinos.

The whole travelbug-thing, probably all went "wrong" the day my mum boarded a flight to Thailand with me before I even had turned two years old... It never really stopped. She would take me places as a kid, and shortly after I turned 18 I started travelling on my own. Well, I don't complain!

But honestly, I'm dreaming about a carreer in tourism or becoming a big travel blogger who travel the world non-stop. I combining the peace and space of having a home and daily routines with travelling. Without doubt I prefer to travel long-term get under the skin of the places I visit.

I write and share my stories when I feel like I have something to share. If I don't feel like I have something special to share, I don't write. I don't like selfies, and even though I know they create the most likes, you will hardly find me taking them or sharing them. The website is for the moment solely focused on travels in Latin America, and of course especially Argentina.

Please, feel free to share your own experiences or leave me some good pieces of advice in the comments. Any comment will be high appreciated! Welcome! I hope you will enjoy your stay - and please, stay a little longer to leave a comment or connect on social media 🙂


  1. Bente Hoffmann * Bentes rejser

    Det ER en dejlig og fascinerende by! Glæder mig til at komme tilbage 😉


    1. Rebecca

      Vi glæder os også til, at du kommer tilbage 🙂


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