Preparation step 2: How to find a good travel insurance

I know it travel insurance is a big expense on your travel budget. But an insurance is a must! No doubt!

The expense will properly be much bigger if something happens to you on the go. So, do yourself the favor and purchase one before taking off!

4 tips for finding a good travel insurance:

1. Find out what kind of coverage you will need for your travel
First things first: what type of coverage do you need? What will you be doing abroad? Just travelling? Or maybe you want to do some work exchange along the way. It might not seem as that big a deal for you but for insurance companies it is. You don’t what to stand in the middel of some accident at a work abroad, and find out that your insurance suddently does not cover because it is work-related. For this trip my travel insurance needed to have a very good coverage since I will need it to cover both working and studying. Apart from that, my exchange university in Argentina had a whole list of requires for our insurance while studying with them. So remember to check up on whether the places you visit require something specific.

Travel Insurance
Unlimited, unlimited, unlimited… I think I must be covered up now!

Apart from that be aware that some travel insurances do not cover extreme sport. So if your are planning on any kind of that during your travels, get it included in the insurance from the beginning.

2. Check how much your house contents insurance covers of your trip
You could remember to check up with your house contents insurance company whether or how much of the trip they might cover. Usually you can deduct this from the time you would need an additional travel insurance. I ended up getting two different answers from my Swedish insurance company: First, they would cover the first 60 days abroad apart from the 3 weeks where I would be voluenteering in Colombia. Then, they suddenly would not cover any days of me travels because the purpose of my travels was to study. So watch out and ask them directly if you are in doubt about something.

3. Do your research!
I did quiet some research in the travel insurance market before picking my travel insurance, and I recommend you to do the same. Use a good amount of time in obtaining different offers from different companies compare their price and coverage. To find the best deal I have simply been visiting many different insurance companies’ website. If they did not have an automatic calculator, they can usually be contracted by email. I find it easier to write them rather then call them on the phone. But it is up to you what you find easiest.
Through another travel blog which I ran into the other day, I found this great travel insurance calculator on World Normads. It is a calculator for a travel insurance with World Normads. However, what I really liked was the fact that you can enter your country of resident and hence, get a feeling of how much the local insurance companies should charge you (or if they might be charging you too much!).

4. Check if any of your memberships of different organizations (e.g. banks, trade unions, student organizations etc.) offer discount on travel insurances
When did you last time check up on your membership discounts? Well, maybe it is worth spending the last amount of time, checking up on it. I ended up choosing a Danish insurance company by whom I get 25% discount by my trade union membership. A 25% discount will usually knock out all other plays and on the amount one have to play for travel insurance it is quiet a significant deduction! So thank you, trade union Djøf! 🙂

Safe travels, and good luck with the travel insurance hurt!

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